What lights our fire

We get excited about the small stuff, and love stoking ideas so they catch like wildfire. We believe in the power of shared experience as our roots lie in countless moments of life celebrated and shared at the table as a server, guest, and host.

Strike a match with us

The fires we ignite come from a shared passion and interest in elevating our industry, each client’s operations, and the people who deliver their best every day. We celebrate the importance of chemistry in our working relationship and invest ourselves in your outcomes. We feel honoured to be at your service, and hope the memories we make with you are as salient for your business as they are for the other clients we serve.

Igniting Time

Need a new light on a challenge or opportunity? Schedule time with us to get inspired, find solutions, and learn about best practices!

We believe in creating solutions tailored for you and only you.

Let’s see what new fires
we can ignite together.

Concept Development

Content and Culture Development

Workshops and Teambuilding

Program Design and Delivery

Celebrating 10 years of Igniting Memories
and One Million Moments of Magic