using culture to drive hospitality experiences

Whether you’re working on your team or guest experience, igniting the right culture is the key to making it flow smoothly


Culture is what happens between the people in your organization and it’s happening between each and everyone of us, whether we’re actively doing anything or not. Each person in your team needs to know why they’re here, what they’re working towards, and how they’re being supported towards that goal. Every culture project has the same goal – that everyone in your team knows what they’re working towards and works towards it individually and together with no confusion or contradiction. 


If this is something you struggle with in your team, we can help. Together we’ll build a common language, common expectations, common practices, and a common mindset so everyone in your team can share a common experience.


what does a culture project look like?

Culture projects typically include the following components:

Exploring Current Culture
Collating Existing Legends
Meeting Culture Champions
Iterating Best Practices
Codifying Desired Culture
Cascading Revised Culture
Supporting Culture Implementation

What are we able to support?

We offer end-to-end culture setting and evolution support. Culture is not made in a day and we pride ourselves on long relationships with our clients to see you through the excitement and frustration of implementation. Whether it’s coaching your culture champions, auditing processes, or trouble shooting, we appreciate the depth of this process and value the impact it will have on your team, guests, and business.

Culture and Service Statements

Language drives understanding and application. We are experts in helping you find the right words to express your intentions for the people in your team to aspire to, to expect from leadership and one another, to hold everyone accountable to, and to translate into behaviours.

Culture Value Setting and Testing

Culture is created primarily by setting expectations and meeting them. Getting to the root of how you make your decisions is an important step in ensuring the values you set will be actioned.

Culture Operationalization

Making sure your culture lives and thrives is something we specialize in. We offer ongoing support to make sure the culture we define and codify goes beyond words on a wall and becomes an intangible part of your working and service culture.

We’ve served the following organizations in building their desired cultures:

The Lo and Behold Group
The Loco Group
OUE Restaurants
Peperoni Pizzeria
Iki Concepts

Culture Accountability and Sustainability

Whether passively or actively the people on your team are the agents of culture in your organization. Ensuring that the right behaviours are selected for, encouraged, and recognized is a key component of any successful culture. Let us help you with the following talent management processes:

Job Descriptions
Interview Process
Ongoing Training Activations and Interventions
Career Progression
Performance Appraisal
Recognition and Reward



Still not sure?

It can be daunting to think about codifying or revitalizing your culture. A simple conversation is the easiest way to determine if a culture project is appropriate for your team and organization and if we're the best people to help.