Igniting Trainers

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Igniting Trainers is our year round support program for operational trainers. Whether you are a learning lead, supervisor, trainer, or operator, get inspired weekly with our operational training tools.

How does the Program Work?

Every week you will receive an activity that will take 5-10 minutes to prepare and 10-20 minutes to conduct. Our goal is to empower trainers to provide engaging, valuable learning interventions to their teams under even the tightest of timelines.

How much does the program Cost?

Annual Subscription 


Monthly Subscription 


What Else is Included?

We use Mercu to deploy our weekly dose of light to your operation. This enables us to provide quarterly participation analytics and provide personalized coaching to each participant.

We are Proud to partner with Mercu

We are always expanding the way we serve our clients. For more ways to add a spark to your team and operation, access more tools below.