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The fires we ignite come from a shared passion and interest in elevating our industry, each client’s operations, and the people who deliver their best every day. We celebrate the importance of chemistry in our working relationship and invest ourselves in your outcomes. We feel honoured to be at your service, and hope the memories we make with you are as salient for your business as they are for the other clients we serve.


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Not in the position to embark on a project with us? Don’t miss out on our content library of resources designed to help you shine a little brighter on your own time, in your own way.

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We believe in creating solutions tailored for you and only you. Let’s see what new fires we can ignite together.

We offer the following services:

Concept Development

We know that the hardest part of a new build or redesign is putting words to the images, feelings, and ideas in one’s head. We thrive on finding the right descriptors and tangible representations to bring your concept to life. Whether you are at the design stage or need support in the critical time before opening, we specialize in helping you make sure all your small ideas make it into your big idea.

Content and Culture Development

Bring us on board your team for a fixed period of time. Working closely with our partners to develop in-house solutions gives them the benefit of insider knowledge and perspective while harnessing the experience of an outside consultant. If you are planning on launching or revising your people framework and programs, we’re here to help.

Program Design and Delivery

Have a fantastic learning program? In-house learning managers can often use a dose of new ideas, a sounding board, a fresh pair of eyes, and the commitment a team gives when someone from the outside is engaged. All our programs are based on the learning needs or service gaps either shared by you or determined by us. Whether it’s half a day or a full week of training, we focus on imparting skills that are actionable and curating experiences that spark the process of habit changing and personal and professional growth.

Workshops and Teambuilding

Our workshops and teambuilding programs don’t exist in a list, because we need to know who you are, what your values are, and what your team will respond to. We’ll never run an activity for you that is exactly like an activity we’ve run for someone else. Let us ignite your memories.


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